vrijdag 17 november 2017

November 17 - official release date of the 2017 Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club

Today the Snowflakes Christmas Singles Club edition 2017 has been officially released! You can now buy the three singles in your local record shop (that is, if you live in the UK), but hurry, as two of the three singles are as good as sold out! I still have copies of the Seafang single here at Snowflakes HQ's, but single copies of the Bis and The LimiƱanas with Pascal Comelade are all gone. And there are only three complete 2017 sets left! (at the moment I am writing this)

The official release date also means you can now finally listen to all three singles on the internet (and get them from all the well-known digital suppliers) for those of you who don't dig vinyl.


The LimiƱanas with Pascal Comelade


Grab a set of 2017 at Snowflakes' Big Cartel while you can!

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